The Specialist Division CPD Programme fulfills all of your professional development requirements, allowing you to expand your knowledge, understanding and performance.
Each full day CPD event is held in three different locations, to ensure that access is available to as many participants as possible.
Our convenient and affordable one-day courses cover a wide range of topics and full details can be obtained via the links below:

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How to formulate differential diagnoses when presented with neurological emergencies

East of England

16 Mar 2020


An update on new evidence to guide you in providing a useful prognosis

East of England

19 Feb 2020


Holiday Inn, Winchester, Telegraph
Way, Morn Hill, Winchester SO21 1HZ


British Racing School, Snailwell Road,
Newmarket CB8 7NU


Holiday Inn Runcorn, Wood Lane
Beechwood, Runcorn WA7 3HA

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